It’s Shoe Time!

If you looovvvveee shoes raise your hand!?!?!  (I can’t see you but I know your hand is waving around in the airspace above your head or it has lifted ever so slightly from your keyboard because you’re at work – sprung!) I can totally relate. My fetish is so concerning that once, when I was driving a mini cooper and moving house, one load was dedicated solely to moving my shoes…oops.  Needless to say my Dad was less than impressed!


With Spring/Summer in mind and different purposes at the races – fashions or otherwise – I went on a little hunt to uncover some gems.


With florals or bold prints a muted shoe can be a good option, here are some of my picks, luxe to less:

Muted 1 Muted 2 muted 3 Muted 4 Muted 5


You can’t go past a versatile shoe that can work across a number of looks so here are some of my flexible faves:

Flex 1 Flex 2 Flex 3 Flex 4 Flex 5


Although Spring/Summer sometimes an outfit still calls for black! Here are some of my winners:

Black 1 Black 2 Black 3 Black 4 Black 5


Wedges are a great Country Racing option:

Wedge 1 Wedge 2 Wedge 3 Wedge 4 Wedge 5


If your shoe is the feature check these out:

Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Feature 4 Feature 5


Finally – the ‘just because’, the ‘I need so bad’, the ‘my life will never be the same without…’.

Love 1 love 2 love 3 Love 4 Love 5


Meet Will Couch

Will Couch

Will Couch


He was certainly a crowd favourite and stood out as one of the most well posed and stylish male competitors I have seen- Will Couch won the gents Fashions on the Field at the recent Dunkeld Cup.


The local lad from Hamilton certainly did good- donning a patterned vest and matching blazer teamed with a solid blue trouser, accented by salmon highlights and toned down with tan accessories. The look cut a youthful and effortless picture that reminded me of that fun and frivolous 1920’s style that so many try to emulate. Team that with that longer hair style that’s so in and Wills’ dapper looks and great smile and well… yep that’s got winner all over it! To top it off this cool cat is an up and coming model that I am sure we will see lots from in future years.


I caught up with Will after he was sashed on Saturday:

Elia: Tell me about your outfit, the colours and tones, the inspiration, where you bought it from and the look you were trying to channel?

Will: My choice of suit was based around spring fashion, by having plenty of colours. The 2014 spring carnival was also based around plenty of navy and light blues. I purchased my suit from the fantastic team at Collins Street Peter Jackson in Melbourne.

Elia: Tell me about your Fashions on the Field experience- we always hear that women love dressing up with something different but it is rare that we get a firsthand perspective about what Men enjoy from the experience?

Will: I didn’t go with intentions of entering FOTF on Saturday. A friend suggested I enter, so I thought I would give it a go. I have been a contestant in one other FOTF event in Melbourne so had a bit of an idea of what to expect. The atmosphere was great I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Elia: Any tips for what’s trending and what men should look at and consider when styling themselves for the races?

Will: My styling tips would have to be ensuring you have a well fitted and tailored suit and a clean well-kept look, it makes such a difference to the final appearance.


Will sashed up

Will sashed up


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