Bendigo’s Right on Cue

It’s a bold statement… very bold… but nevertheless I’m gonna go there… Cue is arguably, quote end quote… ‘the go-to brand when it comes to racewear.’ Aagh man, she went there!


The little Aussie powerhouse, known for their crisp lines and structured silhouettes, has slowly but surely been making their mark on regional Fashions on the Field (FOTF) stages for many years now. Their signature, identifiable full skirt, pocketed, belted dress has taken on many forms, fabrics and fastenings over the seasons, but has always remained true to one thing – a flattering fit, that so many women praise Cue for.


With a decent sized consignment in Bendigo’s Myer store, Cue has always had a fabulous representation at the Bendigo Cup FOTF. That representation has been heightened over the last few years with the addition of Cue’s Regional Manager for Victoria/Tasmania – Josie DaRuos, on the judging panel. On Wednesday 29 October, Josie will once again join the panel along with The Block’s Max and Karsten, Jill Cantwell from salon ‘Jools for Jim’ and milliner Rebecca Share.






With many doting FOTF entrants putting the finishing touches to their outfits, I had a chat to Josie to find out what it is exactly she is looking for in a winner at this year’s 2014 Jayco Bendigo Cup.


Tell us about yourself and your role with Cue? 

I have been with Cue for 16 years.  I have been in Melbourne now for the past 10 years as the Victorian/Tasmanian Regional Manager.  I love working for Cue as it is proudly Australian owned by the family that started it all, with new designs arriving each week!


How long have you been involved with Myer Fashions on the Field?

I have been proudly involved with Myer Fashions on the Fields for over 5 years.


I’m guessing you’re a city girl. What do you think about spring racing in the country?

Yes I am a city girl. I love attending and being part of country racing. There is so much excitement and passion in these events, and the fashion is always new and exciting.


What are some of the key things you’re looking out for when judging FOTF?

I definitely look for outfits that are in proportion to body shape.  I also look for creative elements – the clash of prints, statement pieces and luxe fabrications. Most importantly… have fun and be confident in what you are wearing and also walking in… shoes are important! Don’t forget the finer details – fashion is fun so be creative!


I’m sure there must be times when you’re judging when you see a look you personally LOVE, but it may not be FOTF winning material. How do you separate the two, and come to a decision you are comfortable with?

It’s hard, racing events have specific codes, so that is always at the forefront when judging.  If I spot a look I love, I will always comment on the outfit after the event.  Last year we did some special “shout outs” prior to announcing the winners.


What are you looking forward to seeing and experiencing at the 2014 Jayco Bendigo Cup and FOTF this year?

There are so many styles this season from playful pleated dresses, to fabulous dresses in so many colours and prints. I can’t wait to see new season trends and styles come in to play at this exciting time of year, after all, is it really just about the horses?





FOTF (Fashions on the Field) a.k.a. Finding Our True Fit!

Ok serious fashion competitors – saddle up! Over the next few months we are going to examine how YOU can get an edge on the competition and take home that coveted sash!




Selecting the right neckline is crucial. Not only does it need to fall within race wear standards, it must highlight your most attractive feature. Here are some simple tips to help you make the right choice:


1. When selecting a neckline specifically for entering Fashions on the Field, avoid spaghetti straps, halter necks, strapless or one shoulder.


2. The six factors to consider when selecting a neckline are:

  • Face shape
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Décolletage
  • Bust
  • Body shape


Examine these and understand the characteristics of each.


For example, is my neck wide, long or short? Do I have broad or narrow shoulders proportionately? Do I have a prominent collar bone on my décolletage or not? What is my face shape? All of these will help you to understand what works best for you as opposed to what you like… and remember! This is not about looking for flaws or imperfections, but about being objective and honest to make the right choice.”


Below are some simple questions to ask yourself among some others:


My face shape is? Oval Pear Rectangle Square Round Heart Diamond
My neck is (L)? Short Normal Long
My neck is (W)? Thin Normal Wide
My shoulders are? Narrow Regular Broad
My decolletage is? Short Normal Long
My bust is? Small Normal Large
My body shape is? Inverted Triangle Lean Rectangle Apple Pear Hourglass


3. Once you have determined your characteristics based on each element, it’s time to understand which neckline will work best for you. Below are examples using racewear appropriate necklines:

  • Short & wide neck – opt for a lower neckline to elongate the neck and a low fuss design.
  • Long & thin neck – opt for collars or high necklines.
  • Large bust with short décolletage – opt for a long, low neckline without too much cleavage. Sweetheart or v-necks with low fuss designs are ideal.
  • Small bust with long décolletage – a high neckline with bulk like ruffles or neckties are great because they add volume.
  • Broad shoulders – wear necklines that sit close to the neck like a V-neck to draw attention away from the width of the shoulders.


There are many types of necklines, but once you have assessed your six factors, it will be much easier to find the one that works best for you. As a result, you will have a better guide when shopping, and even better, you’re one step closer to bagging that sash! #BAM